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pyUltraISR is an utility (Win9x,NT,2K,XP) written in Python (Pythoncard GUI) which can communicate with a target card (MCU68HC11) through the serial port RS232c. The principle consists to download a code program (hex intel format) into the target memory (EEPROM, RAM .. ) of the microcontroller (A1: $B600-$B7FF 512 octets, E2: $F800-$FFFF 2K octets).


On power reset, the microchip MCU68HC11 in bootstrap mode (MODA=MODB=0) sends a break signal (at least 10 bits in '0' level) on TxD (RS232c).

The PC sends $FF and the bootloader program (motorola) located in internal ROM puts the line TxD at '1' level .

The bootloader waits 256 bytes which are transmitted by the PC (E2_491.BOO by pyBLOADHC11.pyw). Once the 256 bytes received and stored in RAM ($00-$FF), the counter program MCU68HC11 starts in 0x0000 and execute the downloaded program.

This program downloaded in RAM (E2_491.BOO) is going to program the EEPROM with the byte code downloaded (default.hex Intel format).

Command Syntax: "c:\metrowerks\projects\hc11\test"

The configuration file is pyBLOADHC11.INI:


port = COM2

quartz = 4.9152Mhz

boo = C:\metrowerks\util\boo\68HC811E2

file = C:\Metrowerks\projects\hc11\TEST\bin\default.hex

Needs Tested with:

  • python 2.4.2

  • win32all-206

  • wxpython

  • pythoncard 8.1

  • pyserial 2.1

Configuration CodeWarrior:


- To Find the bugs


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